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It was the beginning of June when we were contacted by the Mexican agency Eyepix, looking for a DAM software to promote and sell multimedia content in its reference market, mainly the Mexican market but with collaborations all over the world.

From their first email exchanges, MomaPIX really seemed to be the right platform for them, including all the required photo and video management features.

We were enthusiastic but at the same time rather skeptical: considering the time zone and the language, certainly several of our competitors had an advantage.

After the first remote web presentation - we manage to get along well with Spanish too - a more in-depth overview of all the tools available to streamline the workflow and respond to their needs followed.

At this point we started talking about possible customizations for the website graphics. We showed examples of MomaPIX customers that were appreciated both in terms of aesthetics and user experience.

The success rate was starting to rise! We presented the offer before the summer closure.

MomaPIX: the Italian Digital Asset Management solution for Eyepix

Finding a win-win agreement required several steps but in the end we did it! Since September Eyepix is officially a new MomaPIX customer.

The setup phase is proceeding quickly: the IPTC fields have been mapped with the fields of MomaPIX database and all the contents to be migrated are being transferred via ftp. The Eyepix editors themselves are in full control of the process and, at this stage, can review the metadata and decide what to actually publish.

At the same time, graphics are being customized to deliver a responsive and user-friendly interface.

The next step will be to set the commercial restrictions, then move on to the fine tuning of all the turnkey tools offered by the MomaPIX DAM for the promotion and sale of photos and videos. With the association of the domain, the configuration phase will be closed and everything will be ready to support the Eyepix agency in its daily work. Ad maiora!

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