Centrale Fies Archive uses MomaPIX DAM

Centrale Fies archive is online and can be browsed publicly. More than 1,000 video interviews and performances, more than 25,000 photos in front of 600 international artists, hundreds of extra contents and hundreds of visuals and graphics from communication campaigns since 1981.

Centrale Fies: example of the conversion of industrial buildings into cultural spaces

Centrale Fies is a research center for contemporary performance practices located within a hydroelectric power station of the early twentieth century, partly still active, owned by Hydro Dolomiti Energia. The project, started in 1999 by Barbara Boninsegna and Dino Sommadossi with the Il Gaviale Cooperative on the experience of the Drodesera festival (born in 1981), represents the first example in Italy of industrial archeology recovery for artistic and cultural purposes. Inside, experiments on practices, methods and production processes related to artistic residencies and performing arts are renewed.

Centrale Fies Archive: 40 years of culture enhanced through Digital Asset Management

Centrale Fies Archive is a platform that virtually brings together a series of documentary materials:

  • videos and photos relating to the phases of the history of the building of the hydroelectric plant of Fies and its conversion into a research center for performing, visual, graphic and publications practices of 40 years of activity;
  • images and documents of Drodesera, a historical festival known in Italy and abroad, born in Dro in 1981 and established at Centrale Fies in 2000;
  • interviews, complete performances and documentation of the ten-year Live Works project, which sees young artists from all over the world reside in Fies every year to attend training programs and to produce original works;
  • video and video interviews of the artistic residences.

“Centrale Fies Archive - says Dino Sommadossi, Director General of Centrale Fies - will make available to onlookers, students, artists, teachers, researchers, operators, journalists, the possibility to consult online all the material that tells about 40 years of strong cultural actions. The archive will also be useful for students of architecture, cultural heritage, architects and engineers who deal with the recovery and enhancement of former industrial spaces and the role they play in the local context. "

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