MomaSoft: who we are and what we do

MomaSoft is a software development company specializing in Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions for companies, public bodies and photo agencies.

As consultants and developers of innovative solutions, we accompany companies in the digital transformation, improving the efficiency of business processes through technology.

With over 15 years of experience on the market, we offer MomaPIX DAM software, a reliable and fast solution for archiving and managing multimedia content.

MomaSoft Group’s services and projects

The services and projects developed by the MomaSoft Group respond to the goal of being alongside companies in the digital transformation process. Companies can count on our pre and post-sales consultancy and assistance in various areas:

  • Web migration of photo and video archives with definition of how the search engine works, workflow for those who manage and for customers
  • Organization of existing images and metadata with advice on the reorganization and use of thesaurus logics
  • Data security, hardware architecture and backup
  • Personalization of digital asset management to adapt to the workflow
  • Email marketing solutions based on video / photo repositories
  • Tools for the safe sharing of the digital asset (MomaTransfer)
  • Tools for automatic distribution of multimedia contents
  • Integration of Artificial Intelligence technologies for automatic tagging, such as facial recognition and OCR
  • E-commerce for the sale of images and videos

The team

MomaPIX team is the result of the mix of knowledge in the field of software engineering and digital strategy skills.

Claudio Melissari

Claudio Marco Melissari - Founder

He is our Technical Director, Head of Research and Development. He sees and predicts and when things seem impossible ... he does them.

Saverio Picciani

Francesco Saverio Picciani - Founder

He is our Business Manager, he always wants to understand why. For him when 'there is great confusion under the sky, the situation is excellent'.

Stefano Lettica

Stefano Lettica

He is our Senior Software Developer, Claudio's right hand man. The ability to find solutions and attention to detail make it the most loved by our customers.

Ornella Caradonna

Ornella Caradonna

She is our Product Manager, the voice of customers in the company. She listens, suggests, and knows what needs to be done to improve.

Flavio Gargiulo

Flavio Gargiulo

He is our Expert in Artificial Intelligence, he often works looking at the sea from his home in Capri.

Cristiano Zanca

Cristiano Zanca

He is our expert in WordPress, he organizes monthly meetings for the WordPress community of Turin. His work excites him.

Francesco Crinò

Francesco Crinò

In his long career as a programmer he has grappled with many problems. It's nice to be able to count on him when you need a solution.

Join our team!

We are always ready to welcome talents into our team.

We work on challenging projects of digital asset management, which include the areas of Artificial Intelligence and prototyping and commissioning of innovative services for our customers.

We strongly encourage smart-working, for us what matters is to design and deliver top solutions.

The inclusion in our staff can take place indefinitely (for the offices in Rome and Turin) or as a freelance. In the latter case, specific projects will be assigned, with the possibility of creating long-term collaboration.

Send your application to

Job posting

Full stack developer

We are looking for an all-round, proactive programmer who is able to understand the customer's actual needs and find suitable solutions.

I requisiti principali di cui c’è bisogno sono:

  • PHP
  • MySql
  • Javascript
  • Design of the software operating logic
  • User experience skills
  • Good knowledge of the English language
  • Degree in computer science or computer engineering

Front-end developer

We are looking for a front-end programmer with a strong aesthetic sense, who is able to advance graphic proposals that highlight the functionality of the software.

The main requirements that are needed are:

  • Advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Basic knowledge of PHP and MySql
  • Habit of working directly with the code, without using frameworks
  • Degree in computer science or computer engineering
  • Good knowledge of the English language
  • Passion for the web and technology
  • Punctuality in deliveries
  • Autonomy and spirit of initiative

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