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MomaPIX DAM software was born in 2006 starting from the development of a university project. It was immediately conceived as a flexible-by-design SaaS (Software as a Service). Thanks to this customized DAM solution, MomaSoft allows customers to adapt the software to their specific workflow needs, simplifying the use of the platform and keeping costs low.

MomaPIX DAM Software UX and UI

User Experience and User Interface are central themes in the design of each MomaPIX DAM installation. If the software is user-friendly, the user will not resist its use and its adoption in the company will be a success. Attention to user experience is therefore a decisive factor in achieving the objectives of digital asset management: digital resources will follow the desired and optimal workflow paths, will be enriched with metadata, will be available and can be monetized. A solid metadata strategy cannot save a DAM system with poor overall user experience.

In the development of the MomaPIX DAM software, we recognize the value of metadata according to a formal UX framework and offer various solutions to make the use of digital asset management easy and intuitive:

  • Search prompter
  • Keyboard shortcut
  • Uploader with assisted vocabulary
  • Display of the back-end same as the front-end
  • Explanations within the backend
  • Eye-catching visual design
  • Intuitive interfaces that simplify the execution of complex tasks.

Agile development of MomaPIX DAM software

Agile development of MomaPIX DAM software MomaPIX DAM software development is based on the agile methodology. Our collaborative design approach and active customer engagement ensures that business requirements emerge iteratively so that digital asset management effectively responds to the needs of the company. After listening to the customer, our designers and developers understand not only what the system has to do, but why it has to do it and they can propose more functional solutions.

The use of the Scrum framework allows us to focus on the company's priorities for the digital asset management customization activities. We focus on the most valuable features that are released as prototypes for testing. The daily interaction between our development team and the client company in the setup phase of the DAM solution ensures that what is delivered is what the customer really wants.

In MomaPIX DAM software development we are focused on the user, on the context in which he is using the application and on what he is trying to achieve. For this reason we do not provide the same software for everyone, but we develop it in a flexible way by providing an easy-to-use customized DAM platform, equipped with all the features that the specific customer needs.

MomaPIX DAM clients

MomaPIX DAM software had photo agencies as its first customers, for them digital contents coincide with the product to be sold. Over the years, we have satisfied hundreds of requests regarding the classification, storage and distribution of images and videos, coming from a very demanding target. Companies, public and cultural bodies that choose our solutions, can count on a partner specialized in optimizing workflows for the management of the creative asset.

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