MomaPIX has a young and enthusiastic team, equipped with specific skills in the field of software development for archiving, online selling and advanced web solutions use.

  • Web migration of photos and videos archives with search engine and workflow operations definition
  • Organization of images and existing metadata working with you to reorganize your assets and Thesaurus use
  • Data security, hardware architecture and backup
  • Customization

We offer a high qualified pre and after sales service. Our technical team constantly monitor all services offered so that we can immediately intervene in case of problems or clients support requests. 

We answer clients by phone or by email 24/24h, if there are any problems with hardware. We try, where possible, to answer all support communications regarding software within 6 hours.


Pre-sale assistance

During the consultancy we try to evaluate client needs, his core business and in what aspect of his work our service can add value.

After an accurate requirements analysis, we offer the possibility of a demonstrative presentation, where we show MomaPIX software features and a model of the required customizations.

Post-sale assistance

We engage in all the implementation and setup phase of the new project, from data migration to graphic realization.

We assure our clients of:

  • recurring software updates
  • 24/24h systemistic assistance
  • software support from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m.

Technical assistance

Our support plan is already included in the service for those who chose a hosting solution, whereas users that opt to have MomaPIX installed on their servers need to subscribe and purchase it. The plan includes: 
  • Service contract with SLA (Service Level Agreement) on action timings following malfunctioning reported by the client – for example, we can guarantee a 4 hour operation time for particularly critical troubles reports.
  • Free updates to new releases. MomaPIX is continually evolving to keep up with the times and meet the demands of customers. If you subscribe to technical support services you will have free product updates including new functions and improvements of the existing features.
  • Dedicated support staff. Our customer service team gives a high level of service. Each request is logged and the client is updated on the progress until the solution of the trouble has been found.


Classifying pictures and setting at the same time the operating mode of your search engine.

Process optimization

Starting from internal and market needs, we help you define the most efficient workflow for your company.

Configuration and customization

Redefining MomaPIX workflow to meet your needs. Develop new features to satisfy specific internal needs or to improve the relationship with your customers.

Project management

Dedicated staff to manage the project in terms of implementation and delivering timing.

MomaPIX is making available a highly specialized development team to face the typical issues of storage, online sales and web advanced solutions use. The proposed solutions may include the use of already existing features or the development of new ones. MomaPIX guarantees professionalism and respect of the schedule agreed.


Installation and migration

If you chose a hosting solution, we can deal with the installation without any additional cost for you. Otherwise the first installation will need to carried out by us working on your servers on your premises or remotely via the internet. Our staff has many years of experience in digital archive migration, starting from outdated application and databases. We can import existing pictures and metadata while suggesting optimal data reorganization to that end. 



All our servers are fast, secure and reliable. You can choose the solution most suitable 
to your needs without worrying about technical details. 
  • High reliability of servers (RAID disks, multi-processors, redundant power supply).
  • Disk space configurable according to needs. 
  • Guaranteed minimum bandwidth.
  • Extra connectivity managed through dynamic BGP routing over different operators.
  • Incremental data backup and disaster recovery option. 
  • Free software updates.
  • Firewall and ant-intruder systems to protect you from hackers. 
  • Disk space and bandwidth upgrade within 24 hours.
  • 24/7 hardware and software support.
  • Failure and performance monitoring – 99.99% guaranteed uptime (SLA).
If you have any questions regarding digital file hosting on one of our servers, you can also call us on 06 45214668.

Dedicated server

Our partnership with ServerPlan allows us to support clients who want to have MomaPIX installed on a dedicated server. We can supply dedicated servers featuring backup and technical support. Upon request, it is also possible to implement business continuity solutions.