The international communication agency YAK Agency optimizes its activities with the DAM MomaPIX

The international communication agency YAK Agency optimizes its activities with the DAM MomaPIXYAK Agency is an integrated communication agency specializing in three main sectors: Sport, Tourism and Retail. From consulting for the brand positioning strategy, to the development of digital solutions and the management of relations with the media, YAK makes use of professionals on the international territory. So far he has worked in 65 countries around the world, developing marketing and communication projects in Italian, English and Chinese.

Distribution of photos and videos with the support of DAM MomaPIX software

The production and distribution of photos and videos, as well as the management of digital archives on behalf of its customers, are among the services offered by YAK Agency to support customers in the development of content marketing strategies.

The agency found in MomaPIX the tool to optimize relationships between its team members and customers, achieving important objectives.

There are no more territorial borders. 'Our photographers can upload the photos taken at the event they are following in real time to the DAM MomaPIX - says Marco Dalla Dea, Managing Partner and PR Director of YAK - making them immediately accessible to the team at the venue. In this way all the photographic material is available in real time, to efficiently activate the appropriate communications with the media and on social networks.''In addition, customers are more satisfied,' continues Marco, 'they too have immediate access to all the photos of the events for which they have hired YAK Agency professionals and can easily search and download them at any time'.

Authorization of access to content with MomaPIX digital asset management

YAK Agency digital archive is not freely navigable by everyone but password protected. It is the agency team that authorizes access, defining who can view what, both for staff members and for external users.

MomaPIX DAM software allows you to manage multiple confidential archives on a single platform with great flexibility, representing an extremely versatile tool for agencies that manage the communication of numerous customers.

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