Legion-Media picture agency changed its digital asset management software.

Legion-Media picture agency changed its digital asset management software.Legion-Media picture agency chose MomaPIX DAM as the new digital asset management software to boost the business related to an archive of about 30 Ml images.

Founded in 2009, it is currently the leading Agency in Russia engaged in licensing rights to various types of content: images, video footage and audio tracks of high quality on various subjects. Partners from all over the world send about 30.000 pictures every day.

The media agency cooperates with the leading publishing houses, advertising agencies, production companies, web-portals, calendar groups, TV, corporate clients.

Why Legion-Media decided to migrate to MomaPIX DAM

Legion-Media decided to migrate to MomaPIX DAM software for different reasons:

  • Security of Digital Asset Management solution
  • Usability of DAM software
  • Features to boost sales of digital content
  • Affordable price for a customized DAM solution

MomaPIX DAM software provides the best effort to offer a secure solution for digital content. A vulnerability assessment and penetration tests are performed annually by an external company.

MomaPIX DAM software upgrades are free.

MomaPIX DAM usability and features

Legion-Media benefits from migration to MomaPIX DAM in terms of usability and additional features.

Tamerlan Gamidov, CEO of Legion-Media, highlighted some important aspects that made MomaPIX DAM a digital asset solution that fits very well for creative agencies:

  • Quality of preview is excellent in MomaPIX DAM. You can choose the size that is better for your business
  • ''Save as'' preview. MomaPIX allows clients to see all the previews and save them in .jpg
  • Speed of search with MomaPIX DAM is amazing in a database of millions of images

MomaPIX DAM also offer additional features that simplify the work of a media agency:

  • Possibility to send a link with search result
  • Reports available within the digital asset management software to all users authorized
  • MomaPIX DAM API allows all kinds of integration with external suppliers

MomaPIX DAM is a customized digital asset management solution

Last but not least, a great benefit that a picture agency can experience by migrating to MomaPIX DAM is the possibility to have an own customized digital asset solution.

'MomaPIX team usually realizes what we asked, even if things are not easy. - said Tamerlan - Our previous technological partner realized for us the search by category only. It was impossible to add some functions.'

MomaPIX DAM customization is extended to design too. The client can provide a layout designed by its programmers and the MomaPIX team can implement it in its DAM responsive installation.

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