The digital archive of the Sacred Convent of Assisi is online with MomaPIX DAM

The digital archive of the Sacred Convent of Assisi is online with MomaPIX DAMThe Sacred Convent of San Francesco in Assisi has been using for five years MomaPIX DAM software to enhance the precious historical and artistic heritage contained in the thousands of images that have been digitized and cataloged.

Its photographic archive is the expression of artistic masterpieces of the Assisian Basilica such as the frescoes by Giotto, Lorenzetti and Simone Martini, as well as the most significant historical documents for the history of San Francesco and medieval and Renaissance art.

The site is made up of four sections: Archive and Library, Art in the Sanctuary, Historical Fund and Chronicle.

Enhancement of the iconographic heritage of religious bodies with the DAM software

The Sacred Convent of San Francesco in Assisi represents one of the richest places in culture in all of Italy.

For several years, it has been carrying out a careful restoration, cataloging and digitization of the photographic archive and in 2015 it adopted MomaPIX digital asset management solution to better manage and enhance a treasure that would otherwise have remained hidden.

The archive was created as a natural ''container'' of all visual documentation produced and preserved within the sanctuary complex of the Basilica and the Sacred Convent of S. Francesco in Assisi. In addition to the conservative purpose, it represents a subsidy for art scholars and guarantees the necessary reference documentation for restoration interventions.

The online digital archive has proved to be a very useful tool to allow the many interested people - scholars, editors, exponents of the Franciscan world and simple art lovers - a quick and in-depth search within the collection of the Sacred Convent.

Tools for sharing the historical archive contents

MomaPIX DAM software provides several tools to easily share the contents of the archive externally. Among these:

  • the ability to send private links via email with the possibility of downloading content
  • the possibility of sending newsletters to registered users to promote certain contents of the archive, with the possibility of checking whether the emails have been opened or not.

Searching for images can be done by categories, subcategories, keywords and dates.

It is also possible to purchase images, in digital format or through Fine Art photographic prints, thanks to the e-commerce for multimedia content integrated in MomaPIX DAM.

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