Digital asset management to give value to Paolo Ferrari fotoreporter historical archive.

Digital asset management to give value to Paolo Ferrari fotoreporter historical archive.>Digital asset management supports the enhancement of the historical archive of the Bolognese photojournalist Paolo Ferrari, in the context of the initiatives of Genus Bononiae.

Genus Bononiae Musei nella Città is a cultural, artistic and museum itinerary, born on the initiative of the Cassa di Risparmio Foundation in Bologna, and divided into historic buildings restored and reopened to the public, located in the heart of Bologna.

The goal is to tell the story, life, arts and dreams of the Bolognese people of yesterday and today.

Paolo Ferrari's photographic archive is part of this cultural project, telling fifty years of history in images.

Cultural project for the digitalization of the photographic archive

Since 2015, Genus Bononiae Musei nella Città has started the digital acquisition, storage, conservation and enhancement project of the precious photographic material of the Bolognese photojournalist Paolo Ferrari.

The historical archive has about 1 million 35 mm black and white negatives, about 400 thousand slides and color negatives and over 1 million digital images. This heritage of great historical, artistic and cultural value includes the work of fifty years of career - from the beginning of the seventies to around 2008 - during which the main events of the city of Bologna and its province were reported, as well as reports made throughout the country and abroad.

To date, around 30,000 images from the film background have been selected, scanned, cataloged and archived. Of these, 10,000 have been digitally restored and uploaded in TIFF format to the DAM MomaPIX platform.

Promotion with DAM of Ferrari’s historical archive

The images from Paolo Ferrari's photographic archive are an important cultural source for the memory of our country. The material is largely unpublished, having been only minimally disclosed by the author in specialized publications. The archiving of historical images on digital asset management means that they can be made available to third parties: thanks to the DAM, a hidden treasure emerges on the surface and becomes a cultural resource for those who want to reconstruct moments of Bolognese and Italian history.

The email marketing tools included in MomaPIX DAM software also allow you to promote the images of the digital archive through newsletters, to be sent to the lists of interested users. In addition, digital asset management supports virtual exhibitions on themes that Paolo Ferrari has dealt with in his long activity, further enhancing the images themselves.

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