Photographic e-commerce and Artificial Intelligence in Foto Video Garbani agency’s DAM

Photographic e-commerce and Artificial Intelligence in Foto Video Garbani agency’s DAMPhotographic e-commerce and AI are the cornerstones of digital asset management designed for Foto Video Garbani agency.

Foto Video Garbani is a family-run company born in Locarno in 1928, with a small black and white shop and laboratory. Today it has 3 branches and employs about ten collaborators. The field of action ranges from taking photographs for sporting events to private events such as anniversaries, weddings, baptisms, communions, confirmations or family portraits.

In over 90 years of activity, the historic Ticino-based company has been able to adapt to market changes by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by technology.

OCR technology for the sale of sporting events photos

The OCR (Optical Characters Rekognition) technology that allows the recognition of texts in images is part of the Artificial Intelligence tools made available by MomaPIX digital asset management. The software is able to recognize the bib number and automatically insert them as keywords associated with the photos uploaded to the digital archive.

Automatic tagging has resulted in a lot of time savings for Foto Video Garbani: in the agency it is no longer necessary to manually enter the bib numbers one by one. As a result, photos are immediately online: if the work of 5-6 people took two days before, with the use of the DAM MomaPIX software, customers can buy the photos on e-commerce immediately after the race.

Online photo shop integrated in DAM software

MomaPIX DAM software gives the opportunity to sell photos from the digital archive through an online store.

The photographic e-commerce integrated into the digital asset management has allowed Foto Video Garbani to provide a more efficient service to its customers and to increase online photo sales.

No more calls from customers who say they can't find their photos. The search for photos is simplified, as customers have an overview of all their photos. In the case of sports competitions, just type in the bib number to find your photos.

Even with regards to private events such as Communions and Confirmations, most customers now prefer to buy photos online instead of going to the store. On the day of the event, the photographers of Foto Video Garbani provide the credentials for access to the confidential archive which will be available within a few hours on the DAM platform, so that only users with a password can view the photos.

Advertising banners in digital asset management

Foto Video Garbani is also benefiting from the introduction of advertising banners in digital asset management, which customers view before being able to download photos of some events for free. This mechanism allows event organizers to more easily find sponsors, who can benefit from advertising in the digital archive, and the agency has not to take the risk of covering an event and selling few photos.

MomaPIX digital asset management software is of great support in the management of the photographic archive and in the online sale of photos.

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