Blaublut Edition manages the fashion photographic archive with MomaPIX DAM

Blaublut Edition manages the fashion photographic archive with MomaPIX DAMBlaublut Edition is the leading agency in Europe for the distribution of images in the fashion and beauty sectors. The agency has the largest collection of street style images in the world, representing the best talents in this area.

Founded in 2009 by Stock4B GmbH, Blaublut Edition chose in 2015 to manage its photographic archive with the DAM MomaPIX software.

The clean layout of the site reflects the exclusivity and uniqueness of this archive of great importance.

DAM software to support creative work

Blaublut Edition digital asset management platform has been specifically designed to optimize the presentation of images and to support customers in their creative work.

Cosmetic companies, interior designers, hotels, spas and publishing houses access the photographic archive with the certainty of being able to download quality content for their publications and communication activities.

The searches are simplified thanks to different filters, which allow you to find the most relevant content according to a specific category (beauty, celebrity, fashion, illustration, lifestyle, still life, street style) up to skim details such as the person's ethnicity represented in the photo.

Image promotion and license management with DAM software

MomaPIX features allow the Blaublut Edition sales team to promote image collections more efficiently.

The email marketing tools integrated in the DAM software allow you to generate newsletters from the contents of the photographic archive, keeping customers updated, in particular on the offer of street style trends, brands and new influencers.

Digital asset management also ensures that all rights of use and image licenses are tracked and it is clear to customers what to do or not to do with each content.

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