Magazine Features syndicate images and videos with MomaPIX DAM

Magazine Features syndicate images and videos with MomaPIX DAMMagazine Features is an image and video distribution agency born in South Africa in the late 1980s. It mainly deals with celebrity, entertainment and lifestyle. For over thirty years, it has been the point of reference for the African press and local online media, making use of the best multimedia content providers worldwide. In 2018 Magazine Features updated its photo and video distribution platform, choosing MomaPIX DAM software.

Distribution of multimedia content through digital asset management

Fast distribution of multimedia content is a goal that any photo agency must pursue to sell images and videos. If the visual content supporting the news does not arrive in time to the editorial offices, there is no possibility of setting up a profitable business.

Magazine Features has invested in digital asset management to have an efficient content management system, where authorized users can directly access the digital archive to download the material of their interest, based on the agreements established.

The Magazine Features DAM platform is characterized by some features:

  • Ease in media video image searches
  • Special attention to UI and UX

DAM provides data for more informed business decisions

Digital asset management for Magazine Features was instrumental in gaining a greater understanding of customer behavior. MomaPIX DAM software provides a complete report on searches and downloads by registered users.

Understanding the type of content of greatest interest is crucial for making informed business decisions.

The global trend towards content creation generates a lot of competition: it is therefore increasingly important to make targeted investments and provide easy-to-use technology. Efficient DAM software can be the keystone for agencies to make themselves preferred over competitors.

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