Gilardi historical archive is managed with MomaPIX DAM software

Gilardi historical archive is managed with MomaPIX DAM softwareThe historical heritage of the Gilardi Photo Library has been online with MomaPIX DAM software since 2012. Ando Gilardi's photographic archive (1921 - 2012) represents a very important heritage for the documentation of post-war Italy. Photographer, journalist, historian and critic of photography, between 1950 and 1962 he began to create photographic services in visual support for his articles. The collection of negatives of the Ando Gilardi Reporter fund is the subject of an important recovery and digitalization work carried out by the Gilardi Photo Library, with the support of ABF - Atelier for Photographic Heritage of Turin.

Strategies for the enhancement of the historical archive with digital asset management

The strategy for the enhancement of Gilardi’s historical archive exploits various features of digital asset management, including:

  • Access permission management. Over the years, the Gilardi Photo Library has built up a vast network of contacts to promote the digital archive, which now has around 500 registered user accesses among publishers, teachers and university students. Users who have a prior agreement can download the photographic material.
  • E-commerce for selling photos. On the digital archive of the Gilardi Photo Library there is the possibility of purchasing historical photo prints with any credit card or via PayPal.
  • Distribution. There have been agreements with other agencies for the distribution and sale abroad of the images of the historical archive. Where the agreement requires it, pictures are automatically displayed on the partner's DAM platform via API, without the need for a specific sending.

Promotion of the historical archive with MomaPIX DAM software

The investment in a digital asset management platform has allowed the Gilardi Photo Library to develop a communication strategy, of which an important element is the management of email marketing campaigns through DAM MomaPIX software.

Each month the Photo Library chooses a theme for which historical photos are selected and sends a newsletter to subscribers containing thumbnails of the chosen images and links to previews on the digital archive.

Thanks to the email marketing tools integrated into the DAM, the online historical archive becomes the center from which the culture contained in the digital heritage is spread.

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