AISM photo archive is managed with MomaPIX DAM

AISM photo archive is managed with MomaPIX DAMAISM has chosen MomaPIX DAM to manage the corporate photographic archive and simplify the distribution of images to support the mission.

AISM, the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association, is the only organization in Italy that deals in a structured and organic way with all the aspects related to multiple sclerosis, through an overall perspective that embraces the theme of the rights of people with MS, services health and socio-health care, the promotion, direction and financing of scientific research.

In this context, images are a powerful means of telling the path that is emerging in terms of research and rights, to bring to light the changes that have taken place in the world of multiple sclerosis in Italy and, in general, to show the achievements of the Association in half a century of activity.

The digital photographic archive as a support to the corporate mission

AISM photographic archive is, first of all, a source of memory: it is the storehouse of collective knowledge about the 50 years that have just passed since the fight against multiple sclerosis. Visual testimonials are essential to support the mission of the association, carrying out a function of encouragement, sharing and comparison.

Considering the great social and documentary value of the AISM photographic archive, in 2016 the management decided to invest in its systematization. It is a very relevant project that involved a careful reorganization of the photographic materials.

MomaPIX Digital asset management benefits for photo archives

The management of the photographic archive with MomaPIX DAM software has optimized the images search. Furthermore, it was possible to make the photographic heritage of the AISM available to third parties, in particular the media.

Digital asset management offers valuable opportunities for the photographic archive enhancement that AISM wants to keep exploiting to create culture on a complex topic with a strong social impact.

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