Manage photographic contributions with Digital Asset Management

semplificazione lavoro fotografi con il DAM

n companies there may be various activities that require the involvement of external collaborators, professional photographers, for the photographic coverage of institutional events, photo shoots to create new product catalogs, field documentation of the progress of projects, and so on. In all these cases, one of the difficulties that are often encountered is how to manage photographic contributions from different collaborators.

Images received via WeTransfer, as an attachment via email or with a hand-delivered disc, perhaps after quite some time has passed since the day of the shooting. Sound familiar to you?

There is a way to manage collaborations with photographers through simple workflows that allow you to better organize all the material useful for communication. Find out how Digital Asset Management supports multimedia content governance.

Build your workflow to manage photos and videos

Let’s take the example of a company that deals with fashion to concretely illustrate how to structure a well-organized workflow to manage photos and videos.

The steps could be the following:

  1. The photographers upload all the shots of the fashion shows in a private section of the online archive
  2. Editors receive an email notification informing them of the uploads, at which point they view the material on the platform, select the best shots and enrich them with suitable metadata to describe them and make them searchable.
  3. The marketing staff check the photos complete with metadata, make any changes and decide what to make available in the online archive
  4. Press office colleagues access the approved images and choose which ones to publish in the various communications

One of the main features of a DAM software is precisely that of standardizing fragmented processes in a defined workflow in order to guarantee content control, favoring collaboration between teams and involving only interested users.

Digital Asset Management to increase collaboration between company departments

The workflow we have just illustrated is very simple and fits in different contexts. Where necessary, it is possible to use additional tools to increase collaboration between the different teams in the company through Digital Asset Management.

For the shared management of the digital asset, a DAM platform can provide, for example:

  • A bulletin board for posting comments on multimedia content, aimed at facilitating approval processes
  • Shared folders to upload images and videos
  • Version history of files edited through online image editing tools

The definition of workflows ensures that the roles are well defined and everyone can go straight to the point of the activities that belong to him. Organizing skills makes processes efficient: the people involved know what they have to do and are in a position to make their own personal contribution on time.

The MomaPIX DAM software offers many features to manage photos and videos online in an optimized way. Contact us for more information on how to derive value from multimedia content.


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