Features / Upload


Photos and videos fast upload

Adding photos and videos is fast and easy. With MomaPIX web uploader you can upload big amounts of files (images, videos and pdfs) and automatically sorting them according to the metadata content. 

Input filters

Admin can set some input filters to upload images in the archive and can allow users to who are using it to correct any reported violations.

Web uploader

You can upload files one by one or in bulk. Bulk upload allows to automatically aggregate the images in services, following some fields chosen by the admin( for example, photos which have the same title and date).

Ftp uploader

It is very useful whenever you cannot use the web uploader, for example when you have to upload photos and videos in an area with a low bandwidth.

Metadata import

If files to be uploaded already have metadata, MomaPIX automatically import them by reading IPTC fields or allow to upload them with a separate file. In this last case, if we are dealing with images, MomaPIX will use filename as unique key to link the data imported with the images IPTC fields.