Features / Storage


Flexible storage options

MomaPIX is typically a SaaS (Software as a Services) accessible from our dedicated serverfarm, but you can also install it on your servers or choose a cloud solution.

SaaS solution on our servers

MomaPIX SaaS Cloud Solution include the supply of the following components:
  • MomaPIX software license to manage the archive.
  • Hosting in our Server Farm.
  • Server high reliability (RAID disks, multi processors, redundant power supplies).
  • Configurable disk space.
  • Guaranteed minimum bandwidth.
  • Redundant and managed connectivity through dynamic routes into BGP on different operators.
  • Incremental data backup (also in a different server farm).
  • Free software updates (new release introduce new features or the improvement of the existing ones).
  • Firewall and anti-intruder systems to protect you from hackers. 
  • Disk space and bandwidth upgrade within 24 hours.
  • Hardware and Software Assistance h24.
  • 99.99% guaranteed uptime (SLA).
  • Daily backup planned to secure the website and the archive.
Our hardware choices are oriented to ensure the best rapport of availability, performances and breaking strength (multi-processors machines, raid in disks and daily backup).

Serverfarm features

To confirm our care on the quality and the security offered, we selected for MomaPIX service two Server Farms of primary importance, well known for their reliability and ability to respond the advanced needs in terms of flexibility and performance required from our customers.
With the experience gained over the years and the support of our partners we are able to deliver housing, hosting and business continuity with advanced features. Furthermore, for the flexibility allowed both at the network level and server and storage infrastructure, we are able to implement tailor made solutions in a flexible way, with saving for the customers.

The ServerFarm TIER 4 are built to meet the latest technological standards:
  • TIER 4: all components are redundant.
  • More operators for the band in output for the maximum reliability of the connexion.
  • UPS systems for fail safe operations and continuity.
  • Air conditioning system to guarantee consistent temperature and humidity levels in the data rooms.
Our Serverfarm is guarded 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with the following features:
  • Alarm system to automatically detect potentially harmful vibrations or non-authorized opening of doors and windows.
  • Biometric sensors are placed at the entrance of the various internal areas and are connected to the anti-intruder system to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Fire prevention system connected to smoke alarms installed above and under the floating floor.
  • Qualified staff working on site 24/7 ensuring constant supervision, maintenance and support.

Cloud on Amazon S3

If you have a huge amount of data, you may find convenient to use MomaPIX in cloud on Amazon S3, for high scalability (you are not in a space constrained server) and costs lower than other storage solutions.

On site solution

For the installation on proprietary servers  you need an operating system among Linux or Unix or MacOS X with at least 8 GB RAM memory and free disk space sufficient to contain all the material (images, videos, documents) that you want to add to database. It is possible to configurare MomaPIX to use several storage devices  like a local disk, NAS and SAN devices or Cloud Storage solutions. MomaPIX is compatible with any standard browser in not too outdated versions, especially with Explorer 7, 8, 9, Firefox 4 or higher, Safari 4 or higher and Chrome.