Features / Search


Immediate files search

Users can quickly find files they need, saving time and increasing efficiency. Results are returned immediately, even in archives with millions of files.


After typing the third letter of the word to be found into the search box, the system suggest a list of words in the database that have those three letters and the corresponding occurrence.

Searches and filters sharing

You can set advanced search options thanks to a lot of filters. It is also possible to share the result of a search with your clients, by sending the unique link that points to the result page. Esempio di ricerca avanzata con filtri

Display results order

You can sort the search results by date or relevance. In the first case they will be shown the results that are relevant to the keywords you searched in descending order (from the most recent to the oldest). In the second case the results that have higher relevance to the searched terms will be displayed first, regardless of the date. It is possible to see results aggregated by services and galleries or by single files.