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Photos and videos promotion

Promote your digital archive contents with MomaPIX tools.

Creating promotional newsletter

You can create a newsletter to promote your archive content with few clicks. The content can be textual and/or enriched with images Images can be those of a service/photo gallery, a single image, a selection of images collected in a lightbox or those visible on the screen during the creation of the newsletter.
There are 6 different predefined templates that you can customize to adapt to your brand. 
If you have programming skills, you can create from scratch a personal template.

Email marketing campaigns scheduling

Email marketing campaigns can be planned in advance and automatically send by the software in days and hours set out.

Reports on email marketing campaigns

Thanks to advanced reports tools, it is possible to check the performance of email marketing campaigns, with the details of who has receives and who has read the newsletter. Report


MomaPIX is able to show slideshows of images, accessible by a private link. The system create a unique link that the admin can make public or private and send it by email to the users to view the content. Those who will click on the link will see the slideshow of images full screen and they can also have in place download and social network sharing buttons, depending on the parameters set by the admin while creating the presentation.

Pdf printing

Images uploaded on MomaPIX can be also shown by the feature “pdf printing". The thumbnails in the pdf file created by the system are linked to the images on the website (if you click on it you are redirected to the preview of the image on the web).
This feature is available both for internal and for external users.
There are 6 different layouts and all of them are customizable.
Stampa su PDF

Integration with social networks

All the files uploaded on MomaPIX can potentially be shared on social networks, to invite your followers to view your contents. If you enable social buttons, you can promote photos and videos on your Facebook, Twitter, Google +,Linkedin and Pinterest account, straight from your MomaPIX website. Users who access your website can also be authorized to share on social network the link to your online archive.

RSS feed

You can always keep your users informed about new content in your archive and you can show external websites your bookmarks, thanks to RSS feed offered by MomaPIX.
In fact you can allow users to view your news even if they are not connected to your website and you can make your blog dynamic, by inserting the previews of the last updated files.