Features / Previews and metadata


Automatic previews of photos, videos and pdfs

MomaPIX automatically create your files previews, included thumbnails and enlargements for photos and videos. 

File preview

MomaPIX automatically create previews, thumbnails and enlargements for photos and videos uploaded.


Admin can decide to automatically add watermarks to images and video, to prevent unauthorized use and to protect copyrights.


With MomaPIX you can decide what which attributes have to be associated to your files: you determine which IPTC fields use and how to map them on the database tables. It's also possible to add extra IPTC fields to the database, so that you have the flexibility to better describe your contents. You can change the fields to be displayed and their order whenever you want. Authorized users can edit online metadata. This can be done on single files or in bulk (for example, you can decide to add a keyword to an entire service). Every change you make online is recorded on the IPTC fields of the images. 

Modifica dei metadati
It is also available the assisted keywording, through the use of personal Thesaurus and automatic translator. With the thesaurus enabled, online editing of keywords is enriched with a prompter that, once a word is typed, proposes a group of related words, following the thesaurus logic. Keywords can be automatically translated, by using a translator provided by MomaPIX. In addition, the user can create his own vocabulary and require the software to query it first and, just in case of no response, refer to the automatic translator.

Automation Rules

One of the most complex aspects to be managed for agencies that have many suppliers is to organize content from different sources on a single archive, considering each of them fills in metadata in a different way.
MomaPIX offers a series of tools that simplify the definition of the IPTC standard and that are suitable for standardizing metadata on the basis of the rules used by other suppliers.

The mapping of the IPTC fields defines the correspondence between the fields defined in the MomaPIX database and the IPTC fields of the images.
For each MomaPIX field, it is possible to set up to three matches with the IPTC fields.
Furthermore, it is possible to enable a specific import map for each supplier.

The "Automation Rules" panel widely extends the range of actions on the standardization of metadata.
It allows you to intercept files received via FTP or uploaded via the web uploader and modify/add metadata and/or enable actions on the files themselves, such as sending files automatically to a customer or reserving their vision to a group of users.

Rules are created by combining one or more conditions (match conditions) with one or more consequent actions (actions).
The match can take into consideration one or more elements among:
- File name
- Supplier name
- IPTC fields
- Path: folders and subfolders with which the files are uploaded via ftp

Encoding for web streaming

MomaPIX automatically transcodes the videos uploaded in any format, making them available for web streaming desktop and/or mobile devices. Each file can be uploaded and archived in its original format: simultaneously and automatically, the software takes care of generating the formats for streaming both flv and mp4 for tablets and smartphones. During this action watermark is automatically applied.

Interaction with photos and videos


If the user can download files in low or high resolution, he will  see download buttons under the images and videos.

Add/remove from a lightbox

Users can add their bookmarks to a personal collection, easily detectable at every access.

Embed code

Authorized users can access the code of the image to make it visible in another website or blog.


Admin can enable the option that allow to add comments to the files uploaded in archive.

Pdf printing

It is possible to create a pdf with the thumbnails of the selected photos.