Features / API and plugins


Special features and plugins

MomaPIX development team constantly provides the best of available technology with frequent updates, anticipating the demands of customers and improving the service to be more competitive.


Trough the API, REST services, MomaPIX allows you to connect the imput and/or output to other sites. For example, an agency can make its records be searchable within the website of a partner without sending images, vice versa the material of a partners can be make searchable of the agency's website. In this last case it is necessary that the partners provides API.


Users who are not registered to the website can add to cart the content they want to buy and pay online with credit card. It is possible to define the prices of products to sell by e-commerce, by configuring multiples lists. Right after the client completed the purchase, MomaPIX website admin receives the payment on his PayPal business account. Whenever a selling or a purchase order is recorded on MomaPIX website, admin receive an email alert, if set.

Multilingual module

It allows you to have the website in multiple languages, with a panel available for admins to customize all the texts and messages that appear on the websites. Optionally, you can integrate the module with an automatic translator of keywords. Keywords can be automatically translated by a translator provided by MomaPIX. User can also create its own vocabulary and require the software to interrogate it first and , just in case of no response, refer to the automatic translator.

Keyboard shortcuts

MomaPIX is a highly user friendly software that allow to carry out the main tasks by keyboard shortcuts, for an use experience similar
to that of photographic programs.
Scorciatoie rapide da tastiera

Integration with Vimeo

Videos uploaded on Vimeo can be viewed on MomaPIX website to easily find them with the search engine thanks to the indexed metadata.

Plugin Wordpress

Thanks to the new MomaPIX API, it has been developed a plug in for the insertion of images to WordPress from a MomaPIX archive. This tool help the integration between the content of a blog or corporate website based on WordPress and MomaPIX archive. MomaPIX users can optimize the way they work, without uploading images twice. Thanks to the integration between MomaPIX and WordPress blog or website, you can:
  • Incorporate on WordPress with few clicks any images upload on MomaPIX archive
  • Select images browsing the last uploaded events or find them by keywords
  • Develop the most effective SEO techniques, automatically including metadata associated to images
  • Choose among three different view formats

PhotoMechanic plugin 

MomaPIX team released a plug-in to send images from PhotoMechanic to MomaPIX websites. This tool cut time between post production and online presentation: once completed the first step, it is possible to make available photos on MomaPIX website, without a further upload.

Invoice reports

MomaPIX provide a complete and excel exportable reporting on downloads and e-commerce selling. That's the starting point to issue invoices.