Features / Lightboxes


Collect bookmarks with lightboxes

Store in different lightboxes the images you are considering to use. Share them with other users to decide faster.
A lightbox can be considered as an online folder, a personal area where it is possible to collect single files or full services (for example if a client request a specific images search).
Both internal and external users can create lightboxes. MomaPIX offers different features associated to them.
  • Multiples lightboxes

    Users can create as many lightboxes as they believe they are needed.

  • Lightbox privati

    Users can decide whether the contents of a lightbox should be made visible and/or downloadable from a single customer or a small group of customer.
  • Promotion

    Users can create a promotional email from the content of a lightbox.
  • Simultaneous update of multiple files

    If you are authorized, you can make changes to all the files in the lightbox at the same time (such as adding a keyword).
  • Lightbox sharing

    It is possible to associate a lightbox to a link and send contents as a slideshow, making available download too.
  • External users' lightboxes management

    It is possible to access other users lightboxes to integrate searches or showing new ones.