Shared management of digital asset

Shared management of digital asset There are many good reasons to adopt a DAM software, one of which is the need for intelligent and optimized workflows for managing photos and videos. Every organization needs a way to ensure that the approval, use and distribution of creative resources support the strategies and objectives set.

Digital asset management standardizes fragmented processes in a defined workflow that enable collaboration between teams and involves only interested users.

Shared collections of images and videos in the centralized archive

Shared collections of images and videos in the centralized archive Among the collaboration tools of the DAM software there are shared collections of images and videos (or lightboxes). These are online favorites folders where you can collect a selection of content for which an approval process must be activated.

A typical scenario is one for which the corporate marketing area asks the partner agency to perform an image search for a specific communication material. The agency creates a lightbox where it inserts the photo proposals and shares it via email or by sending a link with the marketing managers. These will be able to view, comment and approve the agency's work in the secure environment of the centralized archive.

The ability to add comments to shared files is another of the functions that facilitate collaboration in the digital archive between different teams, internal and / or external to the company. All the comment history is available, with indication of the username that entered it and the date and time detail.

La possibilità di aggiungere commenti ai files condivisi è un’altra delle funzioni che agevolano la collaborazione nell’archivio digitale tra diversi team, interni e/o esterni all’azienda. È disponibile tutta la cronologia dei commenti, con indicazione del nome utente che l’ha inserito e il dettaglio di data e ora.

Workflow for uploading photos and videos to the digital archive

workflow for photo and video upload The workflows defined through the DAM software ensure that only approved and updated content are in the digital archive.

To store content homogeneously, there is a form accessible via web for the guided upload in which it is possible to insert a controlled vocabulary derived from the taxonomy adopted by the company, which obliges users to enter all the metadata that the company has rated important to describe your asset.

By choosing a tag from the controlled vocabulary and taking advantage of the multifaceted classifications, the files uploaded to the digital asset management can be automatically placed in a tree structure that can be defined by the user.

For example, if a company that produces wooden furniture elements wanted to catalog the tables in a specific category and divide the table into two sub-categories, suppose "internal" and "external", when uploading the files to the archive it will be enough specifying the tag associated with the treated article and the software will automatically place it in the right position (the node of the tree associated with the tag).

Workflow for the shared management of digital assets

Workflow for the shared management of digital assets The entire workflow for the management of the creative asset is automated. Each user is assigned with specific roles and permissions, consequently the approval of the photos and videos in the DAM software is managed through a well-defined process.

To give an example, photographers, video makers and creatives upload images and videos in the private section of the digital archive. The competent stakeholders are notified of the upload by an email notification sent by the DAM so that they can view the materials and decide which content to publish on the digital archive.