Photo editing and versioning in DAM

Photo editing and versioning in DAM The photo editing tool integrated in digital asset management allows you to directly edit the images of the digital archive online. The functions included are the most common ones made available by a photo management software: cropping, resizing, rotation and zooming.

All versions of the same image are stored in the DAM software and can be recovered. This keeps track of the changes made to the original photo.

Crop and resize photos in the DAM software

Crop and resize photos in the DAM software The centralized archive is the primary repository of approved digital assets but can also be used to manage work in progress content.

DAM MomaPIX software simplifies the workflow for managing digital content and allows you to make changes to content pending approval, retouching images directly online.

With the image crop in digital asset management, a part of the image is cut out to improve the shot, emphasize the subject or change the proportions. Cropping reduces the number of pixels by cutting certain areas of the image, thereby reducing the overall size of the photo.

Resizing a photo means changing the file size, without deleting any part of the image. Resize reduces the weight of the photo and can help it fit into a certain space on a screen, for example in a blog post or social media post.

Versioning in digital asset management

Versioning in digital asset management Keeping track of versions of an image in digital asset management is an important element in ensuring the quality and optimization of processes.

MomaPIX DAM software provides several version control activities:

  • Recording of changes made to an image
  • Archiving of all versions of the same image
  • Restore previous versions of the image

The advantages of versioning management are:

  • Easy overview of the status of digital content
  • Protection against data loss
  • Workflow support through approval and modification processes