Permissions and roles management in DAM software

Permissions and roles management in DAM software Defining access permits and roles in DAM is one of the most sensitive issues.

Whether it is a company, a photo agency or any other type of organization, you must be sure that every single file of the digital archive is editable, accessible and / or downloadable only by the people authorized to do it.

Permissions and roles definition in DAM

Permissions and roles definition in DAM The definition of permissions and roles in the DAM software answers a basic question for the digital strategy on the management of multimedia content: who can do what? Users can be authorized to access only the front-end part of the digital archive, with the only possibility to view and download certain contents, or to also perform back-end activities.

The digital asset management permissions assigned according to the roles concern:

  • Uploading photos, videos or documents to a private section of the centralized archive
  • The ability to comment, edit and review work in progress content
  • The publication in the centralized archive of approved materials
  • The limits on viewing and / or downloading certain sections or assets of the digital archive
  • The creation of users and groups
  • Sharing the digital asset via email or link
  • The distribution of photos and videos via ftp or via email with MomaTransfer
  • The publication of newsletters

Creation of confidential archives in the DAM software

Creation of confidential archives in the DAM software MomaPIX DAM allows you to share digital assets in areas reserved for certain colleagues, partners, resellers and other collaborators. This means that only the material useful for the objectives of the specific target is shown and possibly downloaded.

MomaPIX offers a very advanced system for the management of confidential archives, based on two levels of restriction applicable to viewing and downloading files:

  • Restrictions on users who access the digital asset based on the supplier or who is uploading the content
  • Exclusion of specific users or groups from viewing or downloading specific files

The management of restriction policies on access to multimedia resources is an essential aspect to guarantee the integrity of corporate data. Ultimately, it is used to avoid any damage to the image of the brand and legal disputes.