MomaTransfer for sending heavy files

MomaTransfer for sending heavy files Digital asset management offers various tools for sharing images and videos, both among users who access the centralized archive and outside the organization. Distribution, embed code and newsletters are indicated in certain contexts. For a quick sharing of heavy files is particularly efficient the MomaTransfer, a tool integrated in the email marketing software of MomaPIX DAM that allows the bulk download of images and videos through a private link.

Images and videos delivery through private link

Images and videos delivery through private link MomaTransfer allows the sending of heavy files through a link sent through the email marketing software of the DAM MomaPIX. There can be different types of download:

  • Free, so anyone who gets the link can download,
  • Reserved, according to which only users of the digital archive can download, by entering their credentials
  • With protection code, for which the DAM software generates a protection code that must be communicated to the user in order for the download to start.

Download settings with MomaTransfer

Download settings with MomaTransfer Through the email marketing software integrated in the digital asset management it is possible to download the images and videos sent via the newsletter. Activating the download of digital content in emails allows you to define different parameters:

  • The validity period of the download link in emails generated with digital asset management
  • The number of downloads of photos and videos allowed
  • The resolution (high or low) and the possibility of applying the watermark
  • The type of download