Email marketing tools in digital asset management

Email marketing tools in digital asset management The centralized digital archive houses all the videos and photos on which to leverage for the development of the digital strategy.

MomaPIX DAM software offers a peculiar solution on how to enhance digital content, which consists in sending emails that include links to approved materials.

The email marketing tools integrated in digital asset management are used to keep the various departments informed with a newsletter on the new content available in the archive, for example the product images for the new digital catalogs. Another very recurring use is to securely share outside the company, for example with the media, photos or videos of institutional events.

Newsletter creation in DAM software

Newsletter creation in DAM software The email marketing software integrated in MomaPIX DAM allows you to generate promotional emails in just a few clicks, starting from the content uploaded to the digital archive. A newsletter is the ideal solution to send updates about everything that happens in the company. It also allows you to maintain a fluid, direct and personalized communication with a potential audience.

Digital asset management provides several tools to create an effective newsletter:

  • Editor for graphics and layout in email marketing software: you can customize the graphics of emails, choosing predefined templates or modifying them, to better promote multimedia content.
  • Target segmentation: with the email marketing software integrated in MomaPIX DAM it is possible to manage different lists, in order to send the newsletter to predefined groups. The management of user lists and personal data is very simple and is characterized by the typical usability of the DAM MomaPIX software.
  • Scheduling email marketing campaigns: newsletters can be programmed in advance and sent automatically by the DAM software on the established days and times.

Tools for managing newsletters in DAM software

Tools for managing newsletters in DAM software The programming of periodic newsletters puts the management of lists in the email marketing software into practice in order to keep the sales force and partners up to date with the material available in the archive.

Digital asset management has interesting statistics to check frequently in order to update the database:

  • Opening of newsletters sent through email marketing software
  • Click on the contents of the digital archive sent via newsletter
  • Download the photos and videos in the newsletter if this function is made available

Campaign reporting allows access to the complete history of the emails sent through MomaPIX DAM software, recovering when and to whom a newsletter was sent and with what content. For each email you can check the open rate and the click through rate with the detail of the users who clicked on the links.