Digital asset management with MomaPIX DAM

Digital asset management with MomaPIX DAM

Images and videos are crucial resources for corporate communication and as such must be managed in total safety.

What to do to keep digital assets safe?

The basis is to have a hardware structure that is able to guarantee the availability of the archived materials, even in case of damage to the hardware itself.

Secondly, you need to choose a digital asset management software that offers specific data security features.

MomaPIX DAM allows you to safely manage the company's digital assets through consolidated techniques and procedures, both in terms of software and hardware structure

Hardware security in digital asset management

Hardware security in digital asset management

MomaPIX service is offered in the cloud with highly reliable servers hosted in a Level 4 Server Farm. This is the highest level of guarantee that a datacenter can offer, with availability greater than 99.99%.

These data centers are completely redundant at the level of electrical, cooling and network circuits and similarly are the individual servers that host the service in turn of double power, more CPUs and disks in RAID.

Internet access to servers is protected by a firewall and every day is managed by a backup of digital archives for all servers with a one-week history.

The provider responsible for hosting and maintaining our servers is Serverplan, which is one of the major suppliers of this type of service in Italy.

MomaPIX DAM software security

MomaPIX DAM software security

The security of digital assets residing on MomaPIX is one of the fundamental aspects of our service.

The software is continuously checked for security, a vulnerability assessment and penetration tests are performed annually by external companies.

The graphic material, whether it is photographs of corporate events, historical or product images, must be managed only by authorized persons. The concept of access to the DAM can be limited to viewing the contents or include additional permissions, for example the modification, download and distribution to third parties, internal or external to the company.

Archive security

Let's see in detail all the possibilities offered to secure the online archive and prevent unpleasant business situations

Archive security
Assignment of strong passwords for access to the DAM
Duration of validity of the password for access to the DAM
Expiration of the session and interaction on the DAM
Validation of access points to the DAM
Blacklist of IP addresses or access to DAM allowed only to specific IP addresses
Security notifications and reports
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