Digital asset processes monitoring

Digital asset processes monitoring The monitoring of digital asset processes is carried out through reporting on any activity carried out on the DAM platform, from uploading to the various methods of use. Thanks to the various reports made available by MomaPIX DAM software, authorized users can check "who did what" at any time, having the guarantee of knowing the information they need for the correct management of their digital asset.

Report on digital asset processes

Report on digital asset processes Reports on the processes of the digital asset provide the information necessary to verify the progress of the digital strategy based on the enhancement of photos and videos. Specifically, the reports concern:

  • Downloads
  • Uploads
  • Online sales
  • Research
  • Distribution
  • Embed Codes
  • Logins
  • Download history

Options on reports to control the use of the digital archive

Options on reports to control the use of the digital archive Reports from the photo and video archive can be exported to Excel.

It is possible to define which data to insert in the reports on the downloads, uploads, searches, embed code and distribution of the digital asset and in what order they should be shown. The options available on report filters concern:

  • Date of the activities recorded on the DAM software
  • Users who carried out the activity on the DAM platform
  • Typology of multimedia content
  • IP address from which the digital asset management activity was performed
  • Detail of the changes made to the contents of the digital archive