Intelligenza artificiale nel digital asset management

Intelligenza artificiale nel digital asset management Digital asset management uses AI and machine learning to automatically tag images and videos with relevant keywords.

The management of the metadata of the digital asset is decisive in making the resources searchable and therefore usable. MomaPIX DAM software offers support tools to allow you to automatically standardize the metadata of the multimedia material, giving consistency to the images and videos of the digital archive.

Tagging and automatic keywording of images and video

Tagging and automatic keywording of images and video MomaPIX DAM software allows you to automatically classify images and videos of the digital archive with the most suitable keywords, using technologies such as image recognition, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and machine learning.

In particular, the AI of digital asset management makes use of:

  • Automatic tagging: You can identify thousands of objects (for example, a tree, a house, a desk) and scenes (for example, a parking lot, an office, a city). In the case of video analysis, it is also possible to identify specific activities, for example "talking on the phone" or "playing tennis".
  • Face recognition and machine learning: you can identify a person in a photo or video using a private repository of face images. Identity can also be verified by analyzing a face by comparing the images you have stored.
  • Significantly text in images: the AI integrated in MomaPIX DAM software also reads distorted or unclear texts to capture information such as texts on the screen and on the packaging of a product, shop names and car plates.

Automatic keywording in digital asset management involves a great saving of time and resources compared to the manual compilation of the metadata of the individual contents and can be used independently or in support of the activity carried out by the staff in charge.

Automation in digital asset metadata management

Automation in digital asset metadata management MomaPIX DAM software offers several automation tools in metadata management.

First, it helps the uniformity of the language used to describe the digital asset, with taxonomies, the choice of terms from the controlled vocabulary and the import maps of metadata.

The metadata import maps define up to 3 data matches to be taken into consideration for correct keywording, so that, even if not all users have classified images and videos in the same way, the DAM software reorganizes the data online with the digital strategy defined.

Equally useful is the automation of some creative asset management actions based on metadata, file names or supplier. It allows you to intercept the files received via FTP or uploaded via the web and modify / add the metadata and / or activate actions on the files themselves, such as the automatic distribution of the files to certain users or the creation of an archive reserved for a user or group .