Features / Customization



Admins can define a structure of categories to organize records, they can edit all texts and graphics also proposing a different view for each user.


Texts and messages are fully customizable. You can edit a dedicated section any text of your website and the message that are generated. In this way it is easy to change any text within the system, so you can use the most familiar wordings for your users.


Layout and graphic are completely customizable. With MomaPIX you can choose among many customizable layouts. Thanks to our widgets, you can create your favorite homepage, insert your logo and choose colors to adapt the website to the brand identity. If all this it is sufficient and you have your own graphic project, you can ask MomaPIX staff to implement it.

Dynamic homepage 

You can choose to to have a dynamic homepage to promote relevant images and/or videos and important news. In this way you can ensure your users are immediately aware of the presence of this material in your archive. You can set the system so that an automatic slideshow is associated to the selected images in homepage.


You can create galleries to highlight on your website the most important events or a collection of images particularly fitting with the interests of your audience in a specific period.

Custom views for individual customers

It is possible to create a specific graphic for each client that access your website in order to welcome him in an environment integrated with his brand identity.

Flexible taxonomy

MomaPIX allows you to map all the metadata you need to uniquely identify your photos. You can activate the keywords prompter to have a controlled vocabulary and also choose tags. You can decide what metadata and in what order they have to appear. You can define the categories to organize your photos and your videos.

Newsletter and pdf printing templates

You can customize both email marketing an pdf printing template to adapt the graphics to your brand and communication needs.