Features / Accesses management


Access permissions management

Create groups of users to define upload, download, visualization and archive management permissions.

Internal users management

With MomaPIX it is possible to define differentiated access permissions for internal users, deciding who can upload files and in what way (web uploader or ftp), who can edit and delete them or can give the authorization to publish content on the website.

Website registration

You can create a customized registration form for users who want access and permission to your MomaPIX website. You can find them in the specific section "account requests" and you can decide to approve or reject permissions requested. The registration form is customizable: you can remove fields and add new ones, set up mandatory and optional fields etc.

Visitors access permissions

MomaPIX allows to group visitors and assign to each of them different authorizations on the actions they can perform, such as:
  • Visualization: what files they can see (what categories)
  • Download: what files they can download (high or low resolution)
Permessi di accesso

Editorial desk

The administrator can decide if a user is allowed to upload files directly into the public part of the website or if they must be parked in a private section where the admin has the opportunity to control, edit, delete or publish them.
You can set different permissions:
  • Uploading files: admin decide for each single user if he can upload his own files in the public section or just in the private one. 
  • Publishing: admin can assign to a user the permissions to control, edit, delete and publish his own files and also contents uploaded by other users. 
  • Access to administration panels: admin establish what users can access the reports panel, to check and send invoices, or to promotion panel to manage email marketing campaign from the website backend.

Customized graphics

It is possible to create a specific graphic for each client that access your website in order to welcome him in an environment integrated with his brand identity.

Reserved archive creation

It is possible to reserve single files or folders to one or more users and/or groups, assigning one of these permissions: 
  • Visibility on the website: authorized users will be the only ones who can see on the website the reserved files. They will be able to download them in high or low resolution or just view them according their assigned permissions.
  • Download: authorized users will be the only ones who can download files, which will however remain visible on the website to everyone.
It is also possible to assign the permissions listed above to entire sets of photos, selected through lightboxes. Archivi riservati

Control over reserved archive

Admins can view content as the customer. By clicking on “View as” in Archive section, the clients list appears. After clicking on an account or labels, the content that can accessed by the selected user or group is visible. The item “reserved archive” lets to view, among contents available for a specific account or user, the files that are specifically reserved to that account or group.