Digital asset management for public and cultural bodies

Digital asset management for public and cultural bodies is the solution to preserve and enhance the iconographic heritage of historical archives. Foundations, museums, associations, universities, cultural institutes, local and tourism promotion bodies have an important historical memory to be safeguarded through the digitization of images and their classification, archiving and promotion on the web.

MomaPIX DAM software is specialized in the realization of projects for the Digital Cultural Heritage. The multifunctional web platform allows you to manage and facilitate the work processes related to the description and sharing of the asset, to create value in the future with the contents of the past and present. The experience of using the museum collections, the graphic and bibliographic material in digital version becomes simpler and more engaging.

Digital asset management features for public and cultural bodies

MomaPIX DAM platform for digital historical archives management is able to give value to the heritage of public and cultural bodies that time is likely to erode. Some specific functions favor the sharing and diffusion of the digital archive material:

Newsletter management for public and cultural bodies. The images of historical libraries can be the subject of periodic newsletters, to update stakeholders on new content available or to promote events. Reports on the email marketing campaigns allow an assessment of the interest found.

Learn more about the management of the newsletter in DAM for historical archive

Embed code of historical images. The images of the digital historical archive can be incorporated on sites or blogs external to digital asset management to spread culture. Embed code tracking provides details of user activity concerning images, such as the number of clicks and impressions.

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App development through digital asset management APIs. A project of Digital Cultural Heritage can develop far beyond the functionality of digital asset management. By providing its own APIs, MomaPIX DAM software can communicate with other platforms or provide a basis for the creation of integrated apps.

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