Digital asset management for corporate

Digital asset management for the corporate world is a hot topic today, especially for companies that are implementing a digital strategy, aimed at taking control of digital resources to gain value

Marketing departments and creative agencies handle a lot of content every day, including images, videos, audio files and various documents.

It is increasingly important to put in order the digital library, know what internal business units and external partners need and understand how to deliver resources today and tomorrow on multiple channels and devices.

MomaPIX DAM can provide this knowledge thanks to its management of metadata and taxonomies of digital assets. Intelligent and optimized workflows for the management of digital content put the strategy behind DAM into practice and allow revenues in terms of time to market and greater consistency of the brand's voice.

Digital asset management for corporate features

Managing digital brand assets requires some basic functionalities:

Integration of metadata and taxonomies of digital contents. Metadata are the basis of the digital strategy: assets must be identified, organized and made available and then easily found and reused. Taxonomies allow users to easily find what they need based on multiple filters and ensure fast and consistent coding.

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Monitoring of digital asset processesThe digital strategy based on digital asset management introduces the challenge of understanding what must be done by who, using what, to manage content during its life cycle, mitigating risk and managing the waste of resources. MomaPIX DAM supports companies in the implementation of intelligent and optimized workflows for digital content management and providing detailed reports.

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Permissions and role management in DAM. MomaPIX DAM allows the permissions management on multimedia content. You can assign each user or group the rights to view, edit, upload and publish content. In the same way, it is defined if and who can download an asset.

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