Digital asset management for agencies

Digital asset management for agencies is the basis on which to build a successful business. Photos and videos represent the corporate assets that must be managed with efficient processes to maximize their sales.

In order to monetize digital content it is necessary to securely archive the asset and provide an effective workflow for the selection of resources to be published, which starts from the intelligent management of metadata and goes through the distribution and promotion of the photos and videos to be sold.

MomaPIX DAM software includes all the tools to sell images and videos that photo agencies, event and production agencies need, accessible through a self-service web portal.

Digital asset management features for agencies

Managing the digital assets of agencies requires some strategic functionality:

Artificial intelligence in the management of photos and videos. In agencies where many photos and videos are produced, it is important that metadata is inserted quickly and consistently. Artificial intelligence, with image recognition, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and machine learning technologies, supports agencies by ensuring automated processes.

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Automatic distribution of images and videos. The timely delivery of photographs and videos to the media allows you to increase your sales opportunities. MomaPIX DAM software offers many tools to distribute digital content in real-time

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E-commerce tools for selling photos and videos. The agencies' goal is to sell photos and videos. An e-commerce integrated in the digital archive carries out online sales immediately through payment by credit card. MomaPIX DAM software includes the ability to manage different price lists and discounts based on volumes and customers.

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