Digital asset management for web agencies and creative agencies

Digital asset management for web agencies and creative agencies promotes collaboration with client companies in the development of communication materials. The approval processes for multimedia content are simpler and faster: creative proposals are uploaded to the digital archive, where marketing staff and agency staff can post their comments. Web agencies and creative agencies can manage the creative asset functional to the communication of their customers through MomaPIX DAM software. Each client company can access a reserved area, branded with its own graphics, in which to view the digital content in progress and approved and, if needed, also the brandbook.

Collaboration between creative agencies and client companies through the DAM software

Collaboration between creative agencies and client companies through the DAM software

The collaboration between creative agencies and client companies is a functional element for the success of any communication project. The workflow for creating marketing collaterals typically begins with the proposal of different creatives to the client company. The email exchanges of the various actors involved, along with sending attachments and feedback, is extended: it is not always easy to have a clear picture of the various steps that lead to the production of multimedia content.

MomaPIX DAM software allows web agencies and creative agencies to develop communication projects in close collaboration with the client companies, on a single platform where all the phases of the materials realization are tracked.

The agency loads creative proposals into digital asset management. Marketing workers receive an email notification of the upload and enter comments on the files to be evaluated. The agency receives an email notification of receipt of the feedback, makes the proposed changes to the new files to be shared in the digital archive and inserts the comments. The process go on until the material is approved and can be published and archived as 'final artwork'.

Rights management with digital asset management

Rights management with digital asset management

The rights and licenses management for the use of the digital archive images and videos is an aspect not to be overlooked for creative agencies and companies. Any organization that produces, sells or distributes material must be aware of the rights it has for each content used. Materials may have restrictions, for example, on rights that limit use based on factors such as geographic location, language, time period and distribution channel. A company that uses the same images in an e-book, a historical TV documentary or a marketing campaign can face real and expensive litigation.

Digital asset management allows a company's workflows to proceed unhindered, with information on rights recorded accurately and quickly. Having the certainty of the rights of use, the contents can be used immediately and the commercial opportunities related to them can be seized immediately.

With the exponential proliferation of content, creators, distribution channels, consumers and consumer tools, the need to optimize a digital strategy for the management of rights, regardless of the size of the company or agency that manages it, is more urgent every day that passes.

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