DAM Software for retail and manufacturing

Digital transformation is an opportunity to save time and costs for companies in the retail and manufacturing sector. Digital asset management is one of the key elements for the digitalization of the organization. MomaPIX DAM software allows you to manage the company's digital heritage, preserve it and make it accessible via web to all stakeholders. All the actors involved in the media creation processes can collaborate on the same centralized platform, where the flow for the approval of the product images and the creation of digital catalogs can be managed.

Marketing workflow automation for the manufacturing sector

Marketing workflow automation for the manufacturing sector Digital asset management in the manufacturing sector allows us to simplify, monitor and control the production processes of marketing materials. The workflow for creative asset management is automated: photographers, videomakers and creatives upload content directly to the centralized archive, in a section visible only to the stakeholders who are responsible for reviewing the material. They receive notifications that warn them of the presence of new images and videos on the DAM platform that may or may not be published. Through this flow managed according to the roles in the DAM, the circulation within and / or outside the company of only the approved materials, available on the company repository, is guaranteed.

Commercial materials management for sales support in the retail sector

Commercial materials management for sales support in the retail sector Digital asset management makes all the shops and retailers who have to promote and market the parent company's products happy. When it comes to finding product images to be published, for example, on the website or in an information brochure, it is easy to doubt whether the images in your possession are up to date and can actually be used. Hence the dilemma: take the risk of publishing obsolete material or delaying the communication project waiting for the materials from the marketing sector? With MomaPIX DAM software all and only approved and updated product images are available online. Search is simplified thanks to the digital asset management category structure and to metadata, saving time for both marketing teams and retailers.

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