Digital asset management for photo agencies and media

Digital asset management for photo agencies is the work tool useful to store and promote photos and videos for sale. The DAM provides the media with real-time publication of content and news. Looking for a user friendly DAM software that can simplify the work flow is a choice of strategic importance, as it derives the ability to increase sales and therefore the company's success. MomaPIX DAM software offers all the most useful features to publishers, online editors, photojournalistic agencies and stocks to speed up the distribution of photos and videos and efficiently manage the digital archive.

Let’s see some scenarios in which photo and media agencies use digital asset management features.

Images and videos syndication to media

Images and videos syndication to media

Photo agencies bring together photographers and video makers who follow different types of events and news: news, sports, current affairs, entertainment etc. Suppliers are allowed to share their work in real time on the DAM platform of the photo agency that, in the online editorial office, decides what to actually archive and distribute to the media.

MomaPIX DAM software provides several tools, such as import maps specific to each supplier, which allow you to automatically standardize metadata before publication. In this way the archive is well organized and the search is simple both for the photo agency and for the media that have the permissions to download the contents on digital asset management. The photo agency can directly send photos and videos to the media, through distribution or with MomaBlast or through newsletters and MomaTransfer..

Online editorial staff management

Online editorial staff management

A web TV, a magazine or an online newspaper publish images and videos every day. In these scenarios, digital asset management is essential to control the flow of digital content. Online editors receive large quantities of photos and videos from producers every day which flow into the multimedia archive. MomaPIX DAM software facilitates content cataloging for faster selection, approval and publication.

Digital asset management for web TVs is functional both for the use of video on demand and for the transmission of direct streaming. You can sync with YouTube and other video sharing channels and manage several live channels simultaneously.

Selling stock images and videos

Selling stock images and videos

Photo agencies that focus on a business for the sale of stock photos and videos must have digital asset management that simplifies the uploading and cataloging of large volumes of content, exploiting Artificial Intelligence for automation.

The goal of the stock archives is to allow companies to purchase images and videos with specific licenses to make certain uses. It is therefore essential that a DAM software for the sale of stock images and video allows you to assign different price lists and use licenses.

The e-commerce module for multimedia content sale integrated in the DAM MomaPIX also provides the tools to insert volume discounts. Photos and videos can be downloaded directly from the stock archive by credit card or PayPal or by purchasing prepaid credit packages.

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