Digital asset management for fashion and luxury houses

Companies in the fashion and luxury sector compete in a global market oriented towards multi-channel communication. Marketing and brand protection processes are increasingly complex, therefore they require efficient creative asset management.

With MomaPIX DAM software, fashion houses can access corporate images and videos in a secure web environment, which promotes collaboration between departments and sharing outside the company. Digital asset management optimizes the management processes of digital communication materials, because it increases the efficiency of cataloging and research operations and reduces redundancies in the activities of the staff and the contents to be produced.

Photo shooting management

Photo shooting management

Companies in the fashion sector must manage the video-photographic production linked to the collections and fashion shows. In this context, digital asset management brings order to the chaotic sharing of material by photographers and videomakers: all creativity is centralized on a single well-organized archive, where it is possible to find all the photos and videos that can be published in catalogs or on print and online magazines.

The photo shoot processes are more streamlined and faster, because the shots of the photographers and the videos are uploaded directly to the digital archive, from which it is possible to monitor the activities carried out on the contents (upload, approval, research, publication, download etc.) In addition, the images and videos can be automatically enriched with metadata, exploiting Artificial Intelligence..

Creation of catalogs

Creation of catalogs

The brand asset management of fashion houses can be efficiently achieved thanks to a well-managed digital archive. Photos and videos can be organized into categories or collections and described by metadata, which highlight the most relevant characteristics for the products. In this way, creating the catalogs of the various brands is an immediate operation: just filter the list of products based on the information available and use the appropriate function to paginate the PDFs.

It is possible to activate the sharing of catalogs through digital asset management for the use by collaborators, resellers and customers.

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