Digital asset management for events and production agencies

Digital asset management for event and production agencies is a strategic technology to increase business opportunities, in particular to increase the sales of photos and videos. MomaPIX DAM software integrates all e-commerce tools to monetize the digital archive. The distribution of the photos and videos produced at the events is optimized for clients, partners and individuals, who can also purchase them at any time through the online photo shop.

Let’s see below some cases of use of the photographic e-commerce features.

Sale of prints, products and photographic services with the online photo shop

Sale of prints, products and photographic services with the online photo shop

In the digital age in which we live, online presence is essential to establish potential direct contact with consumers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. An online photo store translates business opportunities into actual revenue, because customers can purchase photos and related products at any time. Whether it is a social, sporting event, a graduation session or a wedding, the event and production agencies can store the images on the DAM software and decide which ones to put up for sale with the photographic e-commerce. In this context, OCR and facial recognition technologies for automatic image keywording are particularly useful: the photos are adequately tagged and available online for purchase in real time with respect to the event.

Sponsors promotion in digital asset management

Sponsors promotion in digital asset management

The use of technology for the management of the digital asset is able to give ever new ideas for the development of efficient processes that make customers satisfied. The promotion of sponsors in the digital archive favors a win-win business model for lasting success.

MomaPIX DAM software offers the possibility of inserting advertising banners before the free download of photos of some events. Event agencies are in a position to propose sponsorship of an event to companies, in exchange for visibility within the DAM platform: before being able to download photos, users view a pop up with banners that advertise the sponsor.

This mechanism produces several benefits:

  • It allows event organizers to find sponsors more easily, as they are advertised within the digital archive, before the download is activated
  • It allows photographic production agencies to be paid in advance and not based on the photos sold
  • End consumers can download the photos for free, when viewing advertising banners
  • Before downloading, the customer can be asked to leave his own email, which is useful for creating a user base to be contacted through the newsletter
  • The sponsor logo may include a link to the sponsor's online shop and text may be inserted, for example with an explicit invitation to buy online or a special offer.

Distribution and sales of videos in digital asset management

Distribution and sales of videos in digital asset management

MomaPIX DAM software is functional to the activity of videomakers and production agencies as it allows you to store, view, promote, distribute and sell videos.

The automatic transcoding and video streaming supported by digital asset management allow customers to choose the format in which to buy the digital archive videos.

In order to promote the sale of the videos, it is possible to create promotional newsletters or use the distribution function in low resolution.

It is possible to define different price lists for videos and to provide discounts based on customers registered on the platform or on the quantities purchased. All orders received are checked through the management panel of the online store integrated in MomaPIX DAM software.

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