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(Italiano) Software gestione foto: perché scegliere un software DAM

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian.

Choosing a DAM software: how to take advantage of the online image archive to support the business.

Why is it so important to have an online multimedia library accessible 24 hours a day by authorized users? We talked about it with Fabrizio Porrozzi of GpAgency, who made this choice almost 20 years ago.   Who is GpAgency?… Continue Reading →

How to manage visual content: DAM software VS cloud storage

The potential of Digital Asset Management software compared to the Cloud Is your company growing? Are you increasing the staff and producing more files? Do you need a program to organize photos and all digital documents that is effective and… Continue Reading →

(Italiano) Tutti i segreti del DAM – Puntata II

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian.

Photo management software: upgrade your business with DAM

An effective photo management software to enhance your business In the previous articles we have shown you what digital asset management software is and how it can be advantageous to use it as a photo storage program. This time we… Continue Reading →

Software to archive photos: the advantages of the DAM software

An effective technology for managing corporate digital photos and documents How are your company files organized? How long does it take your staff to find the image they need? If the answer is “too long”, probably an efficient photo storage… Continue Reading →

New strategies for winning photo agencies: OCR and banner ads.

The historic Ticino company Foto Garbani tells us how it has been able to adapt to market changes The company Foto Garbani is a family-run company founded in Locarno in 1928, with a small black and white shop and workshop…. Continue Reading →

Digital asset management software: your digital archive.

A versatile system for organizing and indexing digital content. A DAM software is a system for efficiently storing and indexing digital corporate content (documents, videos, graphics, images, audio, etc.). These materials are called “Assets”, since their realization is the result… Continue Reading →

(Italiano) Tutti i segreti del DAM – Puntata I

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian.

Digital asset management software for salesforce.

Künzi S.p.A. tells about its experience in using a DAM software. The companyKÜNZI S.p.A. has been founded in 1936 by Adolfo Künzi (1885-1967) in Milan. It is soon specializes as importer and distributor of cutlery, with a wide range of… Continue Reading →

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