Why is it so important to have an online multimedia library accessible 24 hours a day by authorized users?

We talked about it with Fabrizio Porrozzi of GpAgency, who made this choice almost 20 years ago.


Who is GpAgency?

“GpAgency is a photo agency that has been operating in the world of motorcycle racing for over 30 years, following the MotoGp, the World Superbike from its inception and the Italian Speed Championship (CIV).

It works with most of the most important brands in the sector, motorcycle houses, sponsors and newspapers. ”


What is your relationship with digital?

“In Italy we are among the most innovative in our sector.

Our first image distribution website dates back to 2000. We immediately believed in the importance of managing our digital assets online, to expand our market and provide our customers with a more efficient service ”.


What are the advantages of using digital asset management software for image management?

“For those who make a business on images, it is the base from which to start. Taking a nice picture is not the end point but only the first part of the production process. You can take the best photo in the world but it doesn’t matter if nobody sees it. A DAM software in the cloud multiplies sales opportunities: it allows you to have an open window on the whole world and to distribute digital content in a fast way ”.


What matters most when choosing a DAM software?

“The most important thing for us is that the search engine is smart and fast. Customers must be able to find images even by entering inaccurate search keys. The software must be able to interpret the needs of the user and provide him with the expected results in the blink of an eye. This is how we provide a reliable and punctual service to our customers who, by accessing our website, are sure to easily find the contents they are looking for “.


You have also published the Moto Gp historical archive on your website: how is it enhanced online and what benefits does it bring to business?

“Just a few weeks ago we put online all the photos of the Moto GP that we took from the early 80s. Our customers will be able to draw on a vast digital heritage. We expect to see the results in terms of sales within a year ”.