The potential of Digital Asset Management software compared to the Cloud

Is your company growing? Are you increasing the staff and producing more files? Do you need a program to organize photos and all digital documents that is effective and easy to use? Many companies in your situation rely on cloud storage systems, ignoring the problems and the enormous complications they face by choosing a technology that is inappropriate for managing the copious amount of documents produced by the company.

Losing documents, difficulty in monitoring accesses, tampering with files in the archive, difficulty in tracing images and other types of documents, are the main consequences of choosing a cloud for managing digital corporate content. The Digital Asset Management software, on the other hand, is the best solution for efficient file archiving. Would you like to know why?

In this article we will show you the potential of DAM software as a program to organize photos and all the advantages that this technology can offer compared to the cloud.

Photo management software: features of an efficient filing system

If your company works daily with images, photos and other types of visual content, you need to provide it with a program to organize photos that allows you to store and manage files effectively. But what does it mean to manage files effectively? We will explain it to you immediately:

  • Have the security that only the authorized personnel access the digital archive
  • being able to monitor the actions performed on the archived files
  • have a stable storage structure available,which can only be modified by the management
  • quickly find images and files contained in the archive
  • being able to share digital content inside and outside the company in a controlled and secure way
  • having the certainty that all files used and shared, inside and outside the company, have been approved by management.

Photo storage program: the disadvantages of the Cloud

The cloud is not the photo management program suitable for companies because it is not able to meet the business needs we have previously listed, since it lacks all those features that allow you to organize digital photos and documents in a practical and efficient way for two main reasons:

  • The cloud does not allow you to control who accesses the platform, nor the operations it performs. In this way, for example, an inexperienced employee could move a document from the folder in question or permanently delete it without anyone knowing.
  • The document search method is set on the name assigned to the files, this makes it difficult to recover files whose names are not remembered or documents saved by former employees, for example.

We have listed two of the main flaws in the cloud, these two aspects alone could seriously penalize the work of your company. Do you really want this? Secure the images, photos and all the digital content of your company by choosing a DAM software.

Photo management: the potential of DAM software

The digital asset management software has a potential that a cloud will never be able to achieve, offering enormous advantages from the point of view of:

  • platform security
  • access control
  • ease of resource management
  • archiving functions and file retrieval.

The main operations that DAM software can carry out are:

  • Sharing files securely, inside and outside the company, thanks to the controlled access system
  • quickly finding images and photos in the archive using metadata related to images
  • control accesses and operations that are performed, improving the quality of work.

Let’s analyze these aspects even more accurately and discover all the features that characterize a DAM software and the peculiarities that make it an excellent program to organize photos .

MomaPIX DAM: the program to organize photos you are looking for

MomaPIX DAM is a technology that can significantly increase business value because it allows you to take advantage of features that improve the quality of work and speed up the exchange of images, photos and many other materials, inside and outside the company, overcoming the physical barriers and the limits of the most obsolete technologies.

But what are the functions of MomaPIX DAM that a cloud will never be able to possess?

  • Establish what to share or make downloadable the digital archive, with the public and with authorized company employees
  • find images, videos and documents quickly, thanks to the metadata that describes the files and the use of keywords, categories, IDs, etc.
  • Define a possible fixed structure for storing the contents, so that no one can move them and it is easier find them
  • Control who accesses the platform and what operations it performs, thanks to sophisticated monitoring systems
  • Create a workflow for approval management and content sharing, exploiting the platform as a digital e-commerce
And many other functions … In our section “All the secrets of DAM” you can discover other features of DAM software. In our blog, you can also learn more about digital asset management software, understand how the use of DAM software as a photo management program has influenced in making a historic photo agency more competitive, discovering the effectiveness of Digital Asset Management software as a program to store photos.
If you have any doubts, or need further clarification, contact us. We will answer all your questions.