An effective photo management software to enhance your business

In the previous articles we have shown you what digital asset management software is and how it can be advantageous to use it as a photo storage program. This time we want to explain to you how a DAM software can be an effective support to increase the value of a company and make it more competitive, optimizing the time to recover digital contents, expanding e-commerce and allowing secure access to the digital platform and check. In short, if you are looking for an efficient photo management program, the digital asset management software is a resource that could be useful to you in various aspects that we will soon investigate further.

Would you like to find out more about this technology? In the following paragraphs we will explain the potential of DAM software, giving you the example of a prestigious photo agency that, by choosing MomaPIX DAM, has become even more competitive. Are you ready?

Photo management: why to choose a DAM software

A DAM software is a technology that allows you to effectively organize companies digital content, thanks to a sophisticated system for searching, indexing and storing files. It is considered an ideal photo management program because it allows you to:

  • optimize the search and retrieval of images, thanks to particular methods of indexing the contents;
  • monitor the accesses and operations that are performed on the files;
  • share digital content inside and outside the company.

Digital asset management software is often compared to the cloud. A similar comparison is completely wrong, since a DAM software is an articulated tool that allows a more specific and more organized management of company assets, while cloud storage is only an online space where to upload files. Cloud storage is one of the aspects that a DAM software takes into consideration. In some contexts it is unthinkable to use a cloud storage instead of a DAM software, due to the peculiarities that we will go on to illustrate below.

DAM Software vs Cloud

The cloud differs from digital asset management software in many aspects, including:

  • The structure of folders and subfolders can be modified by any user, with the risk of generating disorder among the archived contents and making the search for digital content more difficult.
  • The cloud does not allow you to manage differentiated access permissions between users or to keep track of who performs certain actions on files (uploads, downloads, changes etc.). Everyone can upload content and use it without any control over who does what. The control on the management of the archive is totally missing.

A DAM software, unlike the cloud, allows you to organize photos, images and other multimedia contents according to predefined cataloging methods, which must necessarily be respected for the insertion of new files or the manipulation of already existing contents.

A digital asset management software, such as MomaPIX DAM, also allows you to customize the file identification methods, facilitating the search for content in the archive thanks to a system that identifies metadata related to the image.

For these reasons, and many others that you can discover by reading our section all the secrets of DAM, a DAM software is preferable to the cloud as a photo management program.

MomaPIX DAM: improving business with an effective photo management program

On our blog we reported the interview with the historic Ticino company Foto Garbani who used MomaPIX DAM to increase online photo sales, achieving remarkable results.

The choice of a DAM software as a photo management program has allowed the historic photo agency to adapt competitively to market changes, exploiting the exclusive features of our digital asset management software, in particular:

  • The OCR (Optical Characters Rekognition) technology – which allows the recognition of text in images and to associate personalized keywords with photos, facilitating the search for materials by customers and company employees within the digital archive.
  • Use of the e-commerce platform – in addition to the possibility of authorizing access and downloading of files even to people outside the company, MomaPIX DAM includes all the tools for the online sale of images and videos.

MomaPIX DAM: benefits

In conclusion MomaPIX DAM can make your company more competitive thanks to the particular performance of our technology that allows to:

  • catalog photos effectively, following a pre-established navigation tree that limits errors in file insertion;
  • optimize the file search methods, through an image identification system that uses content metadata, predefined keywords and IDs;
  • monitor the use of the platform thanks to preset access systems.

Contact us for more information on MomaPIX DAM, learn about all its features and understand how this technology could improve your company’s digital content management and optimize your business. We are at your disposal for any clarification.