An effective technology for managing corporate digital photos and documents

How are your company files organized? How long does it take your staff to find the image they need? If the answer is “too long”, probably an efficient photo storage program could be really useful … Have you ever heard of digital asset management software (or DAM software)?

A digital asset management software is a digital platform shared between the various company departments, on which it is possible to upload and organize all the company’s multimedia contents: text files, images, videos, gifs, etc. All that your company produces, any asset, is indexed and available, both inside and outside the company, through controlled and secure accesses. Would you like to learn more about all the advantages that digital asset management software can guarantee for photo management?

Organize photos efficiently: why to choose a DAM software

A digital asset management software is much more than a photo archive program, it is a centralized corporate hub that allows you to:

  • upload multimedia content of any format and size (images, videos, gifs, documents, etc.);
  • organize and index files;
  • archive old documents;
  • share and distribute materials easily within and outside the company.

For a company that works with images, photos and other types of digital materials it is very important that such content is easily available, avoiding wasting time searching for the file and, above all, avoiding the risk of losing these precious resources inside of a chaotic corporate intranet.

In fact, a digital centralized archive allows the strategic management of assets, maximizing their value, since:

  • an intelligent search system allows you to easily find files;
  • it is possible to view who is accessing the platform, when accessing and monitoring the operations performed.

Now, would you like to discover the other advantages of a digital asset management software?

Photo storage program: the advantages of a DAM software

If your company produces and manages a large amount of images and multimedia content, cataloging photos and files efficiently is of primary importance. A digital asset management software is the best tool for managing these assets, because it allows you to:

  • Having updated and approved content by management – ensuring controlled and shared access, a DAM software offers the possibility to monitor who accesses the platform and the operations it carries out, allowing to easily identify any errors, irregularities and other operations performed on the files.
  • Optimize your search – an efficient DAM software allows you to easily find the images contained in the central digital archive because it indexes all the metadata related to the contents, allowing you to search quickly using IDs, titles, keywords, etc.
  • Direct access – a digital asset management software allows direct access to the platform, both within the company and externally, facilitating file sharing without problems of weight, format or image resolution.

MomaPIX DAM: the photo archiving program you are looking for

If you think that your method of storing photos and managing images is not adequate to your company’s needs and you would like a service that meets your needs, MomaPIX DAM is the solution you are looking for.

As you will have read in the previous article on digital asset management software and in the previous paragraphs, a DAM platform is the ideal photo storage program for professionals who need to manage and store large amounts of visual content.

In an age where physical archives no longer exist, optimizing the management of corporate digital content is very important to guarantee the various sectors the fluidity and agility necessary to perform their work in the best possible way. Our DAM software can give you all this, since:

  • It guarantees immediate and controlled accesses;
  • It allows you to quickly find files;
  • Facilitates content sharing;
  • It has a secure storage system;
  • It is easy to use

Contact us to know all the advantages of MomaPIX DAM and follow our section to explore the different aspects of digital asset management software. We are at your disposal for any information.