A versatile system for organizing and indexing digital content.

A DAM software is a system for efficiently storing and indexing digital corporate content (documents, videos, graphics, images, audio, etc.). These materials are called “Assets”, since their realization is the result of a business work and represent a value for the company. A digital asset management software improves the management of this content and maximizes its value, thanks to an agile and effective search system. Would you need an efficient system to manage your company’s digital content?

Would you like to discover all the advantages of DAM? In this article you will find the information you need to understand what a DAM is and how it works.

Digital Asset Management: what is it and how does it work?

Have you ever wondered what DAM stands for? DAM is the acronym of Digital Asset Management, that is the management, organization and distribution of a company’s multimedia contents from a centralized hub.

Images, documents, audio, videos, represent Assets, precious resources for the work of the company and, in order to facilitate their use, it is necessary to catalog them efficiently, so as to make them easily accessible to the different business sectors at the time of need and in the right format. A Digital Asset Management software serves exactly this purpose.

A DAM software is a digital platform on which it is possible to perform various actions for file management:

  • Upload;
  • Index;
  • Distribution,
  • Sharing.

These processes optimize time management in companies, favoring productivity and facilitating procedures for finding materials. A Digital Asset Management software is a system suitable for all companies, large and small, which need an effective management of multimedia content.

Digital Asset Management software: benefits

The steady increase in the flow of digital documents within companies has made it essential to use programs for shared content management, optimizing the file retrieval process and, consequently, improving business productivity. In general we can affirm that a Digital Asset Management software is able to bring the following advantages to a company:

  • Increased productivity;
  • Reduction of document retrieval times;
  • Efficient and secure storage of corporate multimedia assets;
  • Effective indexing of materials;
  • Immediate availability of materials inside and outside the company;
  • Transfer content from one system to another.

In order to choose an effective DAM software it is important that it meets the requirements of flexibility and scalability, adapting to companies of any size and budget and to different types of employment.

MomaPIX: the efficient and versatile Digital Asset Management software

If you believe that your company needs a more efficient file storage system that saves time and ensures better management of multimedia content, our DAM is the platform you are looking for.

MomaPIX DAM is perfectly suited to your needs of all companies. Communication agencies, press offices, marketing departments of companies, associations, publishing houses and many other types of companies have chosen our Digital Asset Management software, benefiting from specific advantages such as:

  • Immediate access to files – all multimedia contents are centralized in an online platform, accessible from authorized personnel everywhere, thanks to the access permissions set.
  • Quick search – file searches can be performed using keywords, ids or titles. Thanks to the search tree it is also possible to perform a guided search of the file.
  • Content sharing – digital asset links can be easily shared with corporate teams and external partners, avoiding e-mail communications and sending problems that are too heavy.
  • Secure Storage – projects are protected and controlled thanks to a secure and reliable server farm, incremental backup and secure access management.

If you want to learn more about our service and receive further information, contact us: we will be happy to give you all the information you need.