Künzi S.p.A. tells about its experience in using a DAM software.

The company
KÜNZI S.p.A. has been founded in 1936 by Adolfo Künzi (1885-1967) in Milan. It is soon specializes as importer and distributor of cutlery, with a wide range of high-quality products. At the end of the ‘80 the third generation led by Andrea Künzi began to develop new product lines related to Kitchen & Design, Outdoor & Lifestyle and Professional world too.

Marco Alfredo Bressan, Head of Digital at KÜNZI S.p.A, explain the benefits after using a DAM software to manage the digital archive.

What issues did your company experience before using a DAM software?
The images database used by our salesforce clients was not visual, it was based on a “file system” structure that didn’t allow a fast and intuitive download of the assets.

How did the workflow improve thanks to MomaPIX DAM?
Today our resellers can access faster to the digital content needed for communication because they can see product images previews and also because of the search by keywords. Moreover they are always real-time updated on the news out of the catalogue.

What do you like most about MomaPIX?
I appreciate very much the full availability of MomaPIX team in understanding and solve our needs. I would recommend its use to any company that require a fast and user friendly tool to update its salesforce.