The example of Fototeca Gilardi, from the historical archive to the photo exhibitions.

The photo archive of Ando Gilardi (1921 – 2012) represents a relevant heritage for the post-war Italy documentation. Photographer, journalist, historian and photography critic, between 1950 and 1962 he began to realize photo shoots as a visual aid for its articles.

Ando Gilardi Reporter’s fund negatives collection has been recovered and digitized by Fototeca Gilardi, with the support of ABF – Atelier for the photographic asset in Turin.

Fototeca Gilardi’s photo archive is online since 2012 and it is the heart thanks to its shoots are daily spreading culture.

Over the years, Patrizia and Elena Piccini have build a wide network to promote the website that currently counts about 500 registered users among editors, university teachers and students.

They also have signed some agreements with foreign agencies to sell the historical images abroad.

The investment in a digital asset management platform allowed to develop a communication strategy, where the newsletter is an important element.

Every month a subject is chosen and some shoots related to it are selected for the newsletter that includes thumbnails and links to the images published on the website. This is made with email marketing tool integrated in the DAM software.

On Fototeca Gilardi’s website is also enabled the e-commerce for photos selling to privates, who can buy digital images prints with any credit card through PayPal.

Ando Gilardi’s photo heritage is valued also by exhibitions.

From 15 March to 16 June, in Wunderkammer spaces near the Modern and Contemporary Art Civic Gallery in Turin, it will take place the exhibition ANDO GILARDI REPORTER. ITALY 1950-1962.

The exhibition project is composed by a selection of 55 images, mainly snapshots taken in the occupied places and dwellings, to document labourers, farmhands and their families work and life conditions. There are also some shoots of strikes, occupations of factories or lands and leisure times, as a testimony to the country’s recovery.

Documents and original rotogravures accompanies the visitor in a journey to discover Ando Gilardi’s photo archive.