IPA increases its commercial strength by leveraging on the API technology.

With the new website launch, IPA aimed not only to renew the graphics but mostly create the conditions to broaden the offer and provide a better service to its clients. 

All the content of IPA’s partner agencies network are now available in its website with a unique search. 

MomaSoft released a new software module – MomaSearch – interfacing with the local agency’s archive and with the remote archives of its partners through API. In this way it is possible to make cross-cutting searches on all the archives linked and the aggregate results are shown in the website where the search has been done. 

This new way of operating benefits both IPA, its clients and partners:

  • IPA widens its offer and consequently sales opportunities; 
  • IPA’ clients can choose among a larger offer; 
  • IPA’s partner extend their sales channels and maintain a control over files at the same time: they don’t have to send files in high resolution and they can access reports of sales registered on IPA’s website whenever they want. 

IPA is one of the leading Italian photo agencies with an archive of more than 300 million images, ranging from news field (politics, gossip, sport etc.) to creative stock (lifestyle, food, beauty, living etc.), also offering a low budget microstock collection with more than 60 million images.