The online archive is being renewed with a more modern graphics and content re-organization. 

Streamlining digital content management is not an easy work, a preliminary study is required to set clear goals before using a software and build an archive. It’s about a change in the way of working that breaks with the habits but, once the new deal has started, it brings tangible benefits: the organization of images, videos and of all the material useful for corporate communication translates into efficiency.

Palazzetti Group knows it well: since 2013 it has launched a project to online manage digital content. We can say that, at least as far as Italy, it has been a forerunner among companies who are using MomaPIX, feeling before others the needs that DAM software are able to satisfy. To name but a few among the most relevant ones: files searchability thanks to the associated metadata automatic import, access permissions differentiation, reports on the use of files.

With a view to continuously improve communication and relationships among the company, the stakeholders and the clients, Palazzetti Group has thought to review the structure and the graphic of its own online archive.

The most important change concerns content organization: the old online archive had a single layer structure with a cross-cutting search engine, while the new one is organized into categories.

Moreover, after the analysis together with MomaSoft tech team, it was agreed to build a homepage with an appealing graphic, in order to welcome the users in the real archive and immediately steer them towards the content of their interest. There are in fact many “front doors” to access the archive: that of brands, that of products and that of content type. These are the first search filters.

Once the user accessed the section of the archive that is more relevant for him, more search filters can be set: brand, file type, date etc.

Content visualization is free, content download instead is linked to authorizations that are assigned to external users by the archive admin.

MomaPIX DAM solution adopted by Palazzetti Group also allows to manage email marketing campaigns regarding the archive content that can be sent to external users. Detailed reports are available for each newsletter (for example, open rate, CTR, users who opened the email or clicked on a link etc.)

The new archive of Palazzetti Group is available at